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Using Amnesia with Automated Tests

Visual Studio / mstest example

  1. Add a reference to Amnesia.dll.
  2. Then add a using block around each test:
public void MyUiTest()
    using(new Amnesia.Session(urlToWebsite))
        // perform actions against the web app here
        // and all database writes are rolled back at the
        // conclusion of the test

Better yet, if you have a common base class for your UI tests, you can start and end Amnesia sessions in your TestInitialize and TestCleanup methods. For example:
Amnesia.Session transaction;

public void BeforeTest()
	transaction = new Amnesia.Session(Settings.ApplicationBaseUrl);
	Thread testRunnerThread = Thread.CurrentThread;

	// respond to when the session is ended unexpectedly
	transaction.AbortedAsync += delegate {
		// stop the test immediately to prevent any untransacted changes from occuring

public void AfterTest()
	if (transaction != null)
		if (transaction.WasAbortedAsync)
			Log("Amnesia transaction was rolled back unexpectedly.  Most likely the application under test issued a rollback statement which caused the test to fail.");
			Log("Ending Amnesia session");
			transaction = null;
		catch { }

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